Offshore company?! Do I need one?

“Offshore company” are words with no definite legal or general meaning.In plain words,offshore means “any other than place of physical location of the person using the word”in other words-overseas.The words”Offshore company”are mainly used in relation to the subject such as structuring of international business and family fortune management. Utilization of international corporate or fiduciary trust structures has many reason and advantages.

Many individuals and corporations who use offshore companies and planning aspire to:

In general, the reasons for using offshore companies for business are:
  • Free Remittance Of Profits
  • Access To Top-rated Jurisdictions
  • Security Of Property Rights
  • Accessing Low Cost Areas
  • Exchange Convertibility
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Sanctity Of Contracts
  • Foreign Investment Inducements
  • Fewer Restrictions
  • Tested Legal Systems
  • Higher Yields And Returns
  • Sophisticated Banking Facilities
  • The Search For Political Stability
  • Reduced Taxation
Offshore companies are mainly used for:
  • Trading
  • Investment
  • Holding
  • Financing
  • Services and consultancy
  • Intellectual property
  • Ship management
  • Tax planning
Offshore Company Formation is commonly used for structuring of international business. Companies incorporated in "tax haven" countries offer individuals and businesses little or without tax liability but today this option could reserve some bad surprises and uncalculated risks.
Although the world of offshore was presented by the media as black-and-white world, it is far more complex. The offshore business includes both tax havens and onshore high tax jurisdictions striving against others to attain international companies and individuals with all methods of regulations and opportunities.
These beneficial regulations are used for diverse tax planning business, such as:

Double tax treaty planning in relation to dividends, interest and royalty payments

Formation of international head-quarter treasury, holding and finance operations

Specialized business, for example, leasing

Personal and family wealth management

To stimulate inbound investments, almost all countries offer one sort of tax regulations or another.

Set up a company offshore is not a problem but handling in the wrong way can cause bad headaches, choosing the right jurisdiction with reference to the goal you want to achieve is an important decision .
Keep in mind the regulations in force in the country of residence of the beneficiary and the one of localization of assets to be protected.
A choice to do it yourself is not recommended, but needs advice from those who have solid experience and legal expertise in international business.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact our professionals for free advice, online or visiting our offices located in different countries.

Protecting your assets offshore can, in many cases, provide for much stronger asset protection than domestic business structures and trusts. Domestic asset protection vehicles are more readily accessible to seizure.

Many offshore asset protection jurisdictions do not recognize foreign judgements. Strong offshore asset protection jurisdictions create a formidable challenge to those pursuing your hard-earned wealth.

One of the pillars of protecting assets from judgements is the offshore asset protection trust. You control the day-to-day activities of your financial accounts within your offshore company and trust.

Here we have experience in the incorporation of trusts and companies

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