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Your company has worked hard to develop a smart strategy for growth and continued profitability.
Essential to your success is access to the tools necessary to ensure that proper capital is available when needed, and the ability to facilitate compliance and minimize risk. As a trust company, TFE services is proud to offer these tools through our wide range of Corporate Trust Services. Corporate Trust is a market-leading provider of trustee and agency services to the capital markets, with a focus on conventional and structured debt, project finance and specialised services, such as business escrows and document custody. Our offering also includes exchange and restructuring services, syndicated loan agency, and the establishment, management and ongoing administration of special purpose vehicles and asset holding companies. With over 15 years’ experience and offices around the world providing corporate trust services, we remain committed to innovation.

Whether the transaction is simple or complex, domestic or cross-border, we deliver comprehensive solutions to ensure seamless execution and consistent high levels of service. We understand that each transaction is unique and partner with our clients to develop bespoke service offerings to best suit individual needs.

We have a diverse base of clients ranging from multi-national corporations to asset managers and business entityes around the world. In an increasingly complex regulatory environment and with resources more constrained, our clients utilise our experience, infrastructure and expertise to minimise their administrative burden; our client-centric approach puts you at the centre of our organisation, enabling you to focus on your core business.

The charm of trusts is that they have a wide range of uses even in complex corporate and business structures.

Protecting your assets offshore can, in many cases, provide for much stronger asset protection than domestic business structures and trusts. Domestic asset protection vehicles are more readily accessible to seizure.

Many offshore asset protection jurisdictions do not recognize foreign judgements. Strong offshore asset protection jurisdictions create a formidable challenge to those pursuing your hard-earned wealth.

One of the pillars of protecting assets from judgements is the offshore asset protection trust. You control the day-to-day activities of your financial accounts within your offshore company and trust.

Here we have experience in the incorporation of trusts and companies

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